just you and me and the coats in the back room
learning things they don't teach in the classroom
now you're here i feel the fear
now everything is oh so clear
A random picture of dad's car.
And some recent purchases.
Also I started this kind of book diary blog where I write about all the books I read.
Haha, I hope it's going to motivate me to read more, because I've gotten so lazy lately.
I've been editing the layout and stuff all night and now I'm quite happy with how everything looks, especially the header.


have you ever noticed that i’m not acting as i used to do before?
have you ever wondered why i always keep on coming back for more?
what have you done to me, i’ll never be the same i'll tell you for sure
Coolest older brother ever.
For real ^^
This weekend I'll go home for the first time since the winter vacation... woah, it's been 3 weeks.
I'm so tireeed though.
Hello dear bed, here I come!


i want you, i know
yes, i know, yes, i know, yes, i know, yes, i know
baby, i want you
i'm too far in this game to let go so let go, so let go
Mum and Henrik will come to Pärnu tomorrow and they'll bring me the brownies Henrik made today. Yummy.
Also, I asked mum to bring the other camera for me since nobody's using it anyway, but I don't really want to carry the new one around all the time since it is a looot bigger and the camera bag is pretty large. Of course the Canon one makes better pictures, but the other one isn't bad either when I feel like taking pictures. And that way I can post more pictures since I rarely ever take the new camera to Pärnu with me and I pretty much always leave my laptop here so there isn't really a way to transfer pictures from the camera to my computer. Yeah.
Anyways, I think I want to go to the store, but it's really warm in here and I don't really want to move, plus I don't really feel that good right now :( It's already 7 p.m. though and I haven't had dinner yet, so I must gooo now.
I'll continue this post when I get back.

LMAO I better just post it now or it will forever stay in "edit posts". I wrote all the above three days ago though (on the 14th of January) so yeah... I actually have taken some photos, but I'm too lazy to edit them right now so I just added a picture that I found in Tumblr into the beginning. Isn't it the cutest gif ever though *O* And the brownies mentioned above were super delicious ヽ(´ー`)┌

Bye bye, I'm going to go and study for a change :)


drinking alizé with our cereal for breakfast
Kas keegi palun shippiks mu 13.-15. või 20.-22. aprilliks Californiasse, sest Coachella 2012 on ja niiii head esinejad kolme päva jooksul.
WILD BEASTS!! THE WEEKND!! Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, Arctic Monkeys, Wu Lyf, David Guetta, Miike Snow, Martin Solvieg, tUnE-yArDs, Metronomy ja veel veel veel ja ughhh üldse ei tahaks minna juuu.
Ja üks mu lemmik laulu igalt eespool nimetatud artistilt ka siis.


LOLOLOL Karl just helistas mulle ja küsis, kas sinα*cosβ+cosα*sinβ on mingi valem või :D
Tundub, et suht ülikooli tasemel matemaatika või mis.
Peaks tegelt millalgi korraliku postituse ka tegema, aga praegu ei viiitsi.
Ei tea miks, aga lihtsalt naeran nüüd.
Kuulan head muusikat ja vaatan ühte tumblri blogi, kus on maailma parimad askide vastused ja lihtsalt hea olla.


he'll never fall in love he swears as he runs his fingers through his hair
i'm laughing 'cause i hope he's wrong and i don't think it ever crossed his mind
he tells a joke, i fake a smile, but i know all his favorite songs and i could tell you
his favorite color's green, he loves to argue, born on the seventeenth
his sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes and if you ask me if i love him i'd lie
Today has been kind of boring. I woke up a bit before 12 o'clock, then ate breakfast, watched a movie called Shutter Island (2010) from TV1000 Premium, which was freakishly awesome. Hmm, I just found out that Remember Me is also on tv tonight, but I'll probably have forgotten it by then :D Oh, and yesterday I finally watched The Social Network from my laptop. It was kind of cool, kind of blah. I kept playing FreeCell and mostly only listened to conversations since there really wasn't much to watch. But the movie was okay.

Just a bit ago I browsed through a rather interesting tumblr blog and there were lots of cool outft posts reblogged and posted so I thought I'd put some together that I liked the most.
So yup, here it is.
Recently I've started liking this, hmm... well it's kind of like preppy style, but not exactly. Haha, it's hard to explain.
Anyways, yeah, these are cool in my opinion ^^

And now I'll go and pack!


i've got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train
if you promise to stay conscious i will try and do the same
we might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain
but what was normal in the evening by the morning seems insane
Yesterday me and Henrik had a Running Man marathon. First we watched ep.39 (with Sunny & Yoona) and then episodes 63 and 64 (SNSD except for Sooyoung, Tiffany and Sunny). Henrik is such a SNSD fanboy, so yeah :D I really want to watch one of the newest episodes (not sure which one) where SHINee's Minho (and Super Junior's Siwon and probably some other people) is a guest. I saw lot of gifs on Tumblr and it seemed rather funny.
Anyways yup, some junk food to eat while watching Running Man.
My face looks so pink, but I kind of like how my eyes turned out with this edit ^.^
Did some reading last night... couple of pages... yeah.
Probably going to Tallinn on Saturday though, so that should be kind of fun. And then I'm staying in Pärnu since it's already school on Monday (omg dnw) and it's pointless to go home on Saturday night and then go back to Pärnu on Sunday. Yeah.