LMAO what even... So I took out my old backpack (I think I used it in 9th grade or so...). Anyways it's cool and I've started liking backpacks and I need it for my stuff when going to work since Karl never lets me put anything in his bag. I looked through it to make sure it was empty, but the front pocket actually had some stuff in it. For example, my long lost necklace :3 There was also a lot of candy wrappers, a brochure about giving up smoking (what even?!? I definitely don't smoke) and a condom... with the expiration date of January 2009... l o l seriously.
And my mum just walked in and said "Oh, it's good you're using protection." Seriously now :D

Anyways, my iPod Touch is already shipped, yay!

And my favourite fanfic ever has a new chapter posted up after aaages. Going to read it right after I post this.

Two more days left at work, phew! Ooo happy day~!

And I have no pictures today, but I have a song :p
Better With The Lights Off (ft. Chris Brown) by New Boyz

Okay, now I don't really know which girl would like to hear something like "girl you look better with the lights off" and he even says "I hope you don't take this the wrong way", but I really like the beat and that part before chorus is just sooooo good.
you're a dime, so beautiful
top of the line, so unusual
words can't define
you're running through my mind all day


Lately I'm awfully into bands I used to listen to. Now I downloaded some Good Charlotte's albums. Good Morning Revival is the best one everrr. It has all my favourite songs on it.

On the other hand, I think I'm going to buy and iPod Touch (the new one, what is it? 4th gen, I think...), the 32GB one. I currently have an iPod Nano (4th gen one, it's basically the same as the 5th gen one, only without a camera), but I bought it like straight after it came out and then they only had a 4GB one, which is wayyy too small for me. So yup, going to buy it after I get paid.

Also my brother is going to buy a new phone. The one he has right now is, let me quote, "a piece of cheese". Yeah... So right now he's thinking about Nokia C7. Yesterday he thought about iPhone 4, but the decided that he doesn't want to spend that much money on a phone :p

Aaanywaaays, I have to go back to work soon, so I'll just leave now ^.^


Who said that it's better to have loved and lost?
I wish that I had never loved at all.
A bunch of pictures this time.

Made pizza couple of days ago. Mmm... yummy~!

Also, while the pizza was cooking, I fried some bread and then rubbed it with garlic. Ah~ childhood memories at grandmother's place ^_^

And some cookies mum bought.

And my perfect sneakers. I'm just so in love with them <3

I've been working so much lately, ugh. But I'll take the whole August off since I'm lazy like that.
Tomorrow will be a super hard day, but then only 3 days left of this week (don't know if I actually have any more work days this week) and then the next week and then YAY resting :3

Actually OMG, now that I think of it, school starts just in about a month :o I'm so not ready for 12th grade and all the exams :D But I really want to go to the university already.

And also my 18th birthday is only about 2,5 months away... Also scary.
And lastly (I use awfully lot of 'and' in this post...), I rediscovered Boys Like Girls. Now I know why I used to love them sooo much. Good music is goooood~! I have so many favourite songs by them.

Haha~ Anyways, I'm gonna go and watch ANTM and then sleeep~ since I have to wake up at like 5.30 a.m. tomorrow... T___T


Today has been... a really hot day. So I've spent most of my day sitting in my room, 'cause it's unbearable to go outside. Now it's actually getting a bit cooler since it's like 6 p.m. already.
I woke up this morning, checked every room in the house yet there was no one here... So I went outside, and voilà, that's where my brothers were. Apparently they decided to make a sprinkler since our backyard is like a desert - the grass is totally burnt.
And yeah, that must have been the most exciting thing that happened today.
Now I'm waiting for the dinner to get ready and then I'll eat my ice cream, which is waiting for me in the freezer :3
Thank God I didn't have work today. I probably would've died...

Also, yesterday I downloaded Ladyhawke's album (she only has one and it was released in 2008, but I read that she'll have a new album this year YAY). The thing is, I actually listened to the album when it first came out, but then somehow I lost the songs... Anyways, now I downloaded them again and realised why I love her songs so much; they're just amazing ♥


So, yesterday was the family reunion thing. I went for a little shopping spree with mum before going there and I actually found a simple black formal dress, but it didn't fit that well :( In the end I didn't buy anything... well, except for a whisk :D But I need this. How am I supposed to make pancakes during school time when I'm living in Pärnu all by myself if I can't whisk the eggs, right?
Then we went to the family reunion, but I was soooooo tired. I haven't had enough sleep lately. Then Jaanika texted me and said that she's going to Tartu, which was kind of disappointing since we had plans... but oh well. Then I started waiting for Karl to call me and tell me that he's going to pick us up. I mean seriously, I reallly wanted to sleep. I think I actually fell asleep couple of times.
But it's fun to listen to all those 'omg you've changed so much' and 'haven't seen you in ages' and 'you're so different' and 'i wouldn't have recognised you'. LOL seriously, I only dyed my hair blonde for the summer, because I wanted to try out something different :D
So then I slept for like 12 hours tonight. Uh~ I love sleeping. I envy people who can run on very little sleep yet be totally active. I definitely can't, I neeed my sleep.

And some pictures taken today:

1. I downloaded some good music.

2. Random picture of some of my bags.

3. Some old magazines, The Sims 3 and Skip Beat! (volumes 1 and 2).

4. Some of my jewellery.

5. I love that song.

6. My guitar picks (not that I can actually play :p I'm trying though...).

7. Kawai~ right?

But why oh why is my room the hottest one in our house? It feels like being in an oven and I'm not even joking. My window is opened 24/7 and the blinds are rolled down during the day so the sunlight can't get in, yet there's still no air. Keeping my door open helps a bit, but I hate it... I just... Hate it. It just feels so uncomfortable since I'm sitting with my back to the door so whenever someone walks up or down the stairs they can look right into my room. It just feels weird and I don't like it. So I rather suffer :D

Bye bye~ Mum insists that I have to clean my room...


So I haven't posted in a while again, but I've been busy. I was at Tallinn from Monday morning until Wednesday night, then was at work for 4 hours on Thursday, but now I finally have a long weekend off ^_^
So today Karl wanted to go to Pärnu, 'cause he wanted to buy something for his car. Anyways, I went with him, 'cause I wanted to buy those perfect sneakers I talked about couple of posts ago. I also ended up buying a white lacy sleevless dress, which is reallly pretty by the way, and a board game since my family loves board games :D
Some pictures I took today:
Yeah, the colour of these sneakers kind of varies in the pictures, but in reality it's the most similar to the 2nd picture.

Also, Karl is such a weird person. The songs he listens to... they're just... weird :D Thanks to him I saw couple of music videos I've never watched before and I'd be lying if I told we weren't laughing like crazy people. Seriously, my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing :D

But okay~ Mum just came home from work so I'm going downstairs now :)